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The house, arranged in an L-shape around a courtyard, opening up to the views of the Sierra del Guadarrama, represents an evolution in the modern architecture with strong Mediterranean vernacular influences that Coderch had developed to date. In this work he again uses the angles of the walls to articulate the different interior spaces, directing visual lines, and breaking up an exterior volumetry that is much more compact than that of his usual Mediterranean houses, developed most of the time in an extensive plan fractured by open courtyards.


He graduated in law immediately after the Liberation Crusade ended, in September 1939, and in 1942 he became a notary public, a traditional Hispanic profession, which he practiced until his retirement in 1987. For his outstanding notarial work he was elected president of the International Union of Latin Notaries between 1963 and 1977.
I had the honor of knowing Don Juan and of appreciating his remarkable qualities as a man of faith and brilliant intellectual, favoring me, despite the distances of age and talent, with his friendship and ample generosity. In 2009, his benevolence introduced me to be elected as an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, presided over by the celebrated jurist Landelino Lavilla.

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“The curious thing about the matter, and perhaps the unspeakable, is that such was the borderless animosity that Goytisolo aroused that the local literary left [in Granada] counter-programmed another event with a writer who would overshadow him. To corroborate who he was bothering, on another occasion I had the opportunity to put his name on the table of a prize of some renown. What was my surprise when I saw the gestures of horror of the acolytes of progressivism when I heard his name. I was stunned. The second obstacle to recognition comes from Goytisolo’s non-partisan criticism. For example, he had no problem in bringing up the Islamophobic speeches of Dolores Ibárruri La Pasionaria in the middle of the Civil War in his book Crónicas sarracinas (Saracen Chronicles). And this is paid for. Now will come the tributes from the professionals of hypocrisy. But the death of Juan Goytisolo in exile without having been reconciled with his country, which he loved, as well as Morocco, will leave a long trail of questions about the quality of our civic spirit, and questions the left more than the right,” concludes Alcantud.

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