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Debate gran hermano vip 7

Debate gran hermano vip 7

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Last Thursday, Adara rose as the winner of a GH VIP 7 affected by the leak of advertisers but with a stratospheric audience: it became the most competitive final in its history with a 38.5% screen share and 4,231,000 viewers following it.
Therefore, the reality show’s followers expected to watch this Sunday’s program to draw their own conclusions about the passage of their favorites through the contest and the future of each one of them. However, Telecinco has decided not to broadcast it.
It all started when Antena 3 moved La Voz Kids from Tuesday to Wednesday to escape the confrontation with GH VIP’s Límite 48 horas, which was losing. Then, Telecinco reacted by moving La que se avecina to Tuesday and forcing its reunion with the reality show on Wednesday.
Faced with such a move, the first Atresmedia network placed the talent show on Friday night in order to be able to breathe without the reality show in front. Mediaset responded by scheduling the semifinal of Got talent on the same day and winning the battle.

Gh vip 7 gala 10

Gran Hermano VIP 7 fue la séptima temporada del reality de televisión Gran Hermano VIP. La temporada se estrenó en septiembre de 2019 en Telecinco. Jorge Javier Vázquez fue el presentador del programa y se ha confirmado la vuelta de Jordi González como conductor del Debate semanal.
La repesca se anunció oficialmente el día 44 (24 de octubre de 2019). Los 3 compañeros más votados entraron en la casa el día 47, Kiko fue el compañero menos votado el día 49 y Hugo fue el más votado y se convirtió en compañero oficial el día 51, por lo que Diego fue repescado.

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It is not the first time that Telecinco goes after La Voz Kids. The nervousness and grid movements were accentuated when Atresmedia moved its program from Tuesday to Wednesday to, thus, move away from GH VIP’s Límite 48 horas.  At that moment, Mediaset’s first response came, repositioning its golden goose at the serial level: La que se avecina moved to Tuesday, forcing Antena 2 to fight a duel with the reality show.
Faced with the impossibility of a coexistence, the first channel of Atresmedia moved again and transferred La voz Kids to Friday nights. Away from any temptation. The private channel from San Sebastián de los Reyes did not expect Mediaset to make even more noise: it placed the semifinal of Got Talent on Friday night and won the duel handsomely.  Last week, the Fuencarral company led again on Fridays, scheduling Jumanji 2 against La voz kids, which is getting weaker every day. With all this data, it seems that Mediaset is studying a new programming strategy for the final debate: Thursday or Friday?

Debate gran hermano vip 7 del momento

Mediaset has announced that the chosen date will be Thursday, December 26, starting at 22:10. It will be a gala presented by Jordi Gonzalez and will serve for the celebrities who have lived in the house of Guadalix to settle their outstanding accounts, which have not been few.
The final debate of ‘GH VIP 7’ will face the premiere of «Thor: Ragnarok» on La 1, the broadcasting of the movie «Safe» on Antena 3, the first screening of «Tadeo Jones y el secreto del Rey Midas» on Cuatro and reruns of ‘Pesadilla en la cocina’ on La Sexta.

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