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Flor de mayo colonia

3 new flor de mayo perfumes and their similar clones

In this list you can buy a multitude of items such as flor de mayo cologne great for your health care. We want to make sure that you can find the best options and prices for everything you are looking for your health, offering you the option to discover various brands and models.
Here you have a series of images of flor de mayo cologne so that you can get an idea and choose among all the cologne models. Click with the mouse on one of the images to see the complete product sheet and its cost.

nuevos perfumes mercadona flor de mayo

Los estilos de vida cambian, las personas evolucionan y nosotros como marca nos adaptamos y evolucionamos con ellos. Hemos dado un gran paso para fortalecer nuestra marca. Queremos experimentar sensaciones que despierten emociones e intensificar el efecto wow a través de nuestras sorprendentes e irresistibles fragancias y productos de belleza.
La experiencia de Flor de Mayo es siempre emotiva, disruptiva y un bienvenido descanso de la monotonía. Es una experiencia que te invita a jugar, explorar y disfrutar del presente; te hace sentir libre, empoderado, vivo, íntimo y, sobre todo, COMO TÚ MISMO.
Somos aromas, sensaciones y originalidad. Nuestros productos son para personas que disfrutan mimándose cada día y tomándose su tiempo; la belleza y el bienestar no tienen por qué estar ligados a la exclusividad. Personas que quieren verse bien por sí mismas y esto es un reflejo de ello.

mercadona new dream fragrances of

In Mercadona’s beauty section, the colognes in the Flor de Mayo Hi! line stand out from the rest with their bright colors and simple packaging. Depending on the store, the colognes may last more or less time on sale, and you can even find previous editions if they are not sold out. For the month of August, the supermarket has launched two varieties inspired by islands, such as Hawaii (USA) and Bali (Indonesia).HawaiiFor women, 1.50 euros.
The summer cologne for men that Flor de Mayo Hi! launches in Mercadona is the limited edition Bali, also for 1.50 euros. In this case, it is blue in color and can be found along with the rest of the men’s colognes in the supermarket’s body care and beauty line.Bali mini cologne is similar to Hugo Boss eau de cologne, which is characteristic because its packaging imitates a canteen. Both have woody notes that are quite pleasant to smell. They are not identical, but for the price difference it is worth at least trying it and having it as an option in the toilet bag.

2 new perfumes mercadona flor de mayo new today

It consists of a total of 3 fragrances, each with a color label of the flower that ensures the laboratory that is behind (RNB) is predominant.  Body Sprays DeliplusOne of the characteristics of the perfumery section of Mercadona lies in the variety of products and brands with which it works. Among the cheapest colognes that you can buy in its online store and in the parapharmacy spaces is the Body Spray line, a collection of fragranced waters marketed under its white label Deliplus.  Mercadona scented water. 2.50 euros.Mercadona

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