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Silvia sanz canal sur

weekend news program

Interview and talk show, linked to current affairs, and in which the world of culture will have a prominent role. It will have a guest on the set with whom they will talk about two different approaches to get to know the interviewee in depth.
Interview and talk show, linked to current affairs, in which the world of culture will play a prominent role. Ccontará with a guest on the set with whom they will discuss two different approaches to get to know the interviewee.
On weekends, Canal Sur broadcasts four editions of the news; both Saturdays and Sundays have a lunchtime and an evening edition. The news program reviews current affairs and pays special attention to issues related to Andalusia.
Morning program from Monday to Friday, which reviews current affairs through news and reports, focusing on the political, economic and social current affairs of the community by Carlos María Ruiz and Silvia Sanz.

hdl el granito de luz by journalist silvia sanz

We have as our guest on the set the Minister of Finance and European Financing of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Bravo. We are also visited by the producer Dario Regattieri, Max Award for the musical “Antoine”. We also connect with Miguel López, secretary general of COAG, who will talk about the mobilizations against the CAP.
We talked about mental health. For this we interviewed the president of Feafes Salud Mental Andalucía, Manuel Movilla. We have been live with Fernando García Mena, special envoy of Canal Sur Radio and Television to La Palma when the volcano becomes more virulent. We have also discussed other current affairs.
“Despierta Andalucía” interviews this Friday on set the president of the Agricultural Association of Young Farmers (Asaja), Ricardo Serra, to comment on the mobilizations of agricultural organizations against the new CAP.

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Very different was the deployment of the news on Sunday at noon. The news about the crisis in the PSOE was mentioned in second place in the headlines, after a news of events, but did not go in depth on the issue until the 11th minute, after several news of events again. There, after summarizing what had happened the night before in Ferraz, Rodriguez explained the composition of the socialist management and that “Andalusia will have a great weight, a great force within it since the president and two of the members are socialists of the highest confidence of the president of the Junta, Susana Diaz”.
Then, the strength of Andalusian socialism in the new management was highlighted again, a brief profile of the two Andalusian members was made and the rest of the members of the body were reviewed. Then the situation experienced the night before was reported again, both inside the headquarters and outside. Finally, cuts were given with calls to “sew” the party by leaders such as Ximo Puig and also Miquel Iceta’s reminder that the party’s position is still not to allow the investiture of Rajoy.

canal sur and ayuda en acción, together against child poverty.

In 1992 she joined the staff of the Andalusian radio and television station, where she has worked for most of her career. As an editor she began working on a program about the Universal Exposition of Seville and later she has worked for the news services of the channel and also for different current affairs programs.
Between 2010 and 2012 she was in charge of the program Objetivo Abierto, a weekly program dedicated to Andalusian current affairs and judicial journalism and at the same time, she is an editor in the National section of the News Services of Canal Sur Television. [2]
During part of 2013, she is co-editor of the news program Noticias 2 of Canal Sur Televisión. Then she presents and co-edits the news program of Canal Sur Televisión, Más que noticias between the seasons, 2013-2014/2014-2015.
In 2016, she presents and edits the information and analysis space La entrevista in La noche al día, in Andalucía Televisión and since September 2016, the news program La tertulia, in Canal Sur Televisión.

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