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Www escrapalia com

Www escrapalia com

Home auctions

Whether you represent a company that is interested in selling stock or equipment through an auction platform, as if you are an individual interested in buying in an Online Auction Portal, it is convenient that you have some basic information that allows you to know if the company that owns the platform, through which you want to buy, is reliable.
Thanks to the development of technology, and in particular of the Internet, buying products, both new and second-hand, through online auctions has become an option increasingly used by society.
The birth of these industrial auction platforms has made it possible for companies and freelancers to buy goods and equipment for their businesses, accessing a market previously reserved only for a «chosen few», who had information that was difficult to access for the rest of society, due to its scarce dissemination and publicity.
As it is an incipient market, the companies that carry out online auctions of industrial type are not so well known at a general level. For this reason, if you are interested in buying through an online auction portal, we offer you this series of tips that, together with the previous post «6 checks before participating in an online auction», will allow you to access purchasing opportunities for your company with total guarantee of success.


The extrajudicial auction, which comes from the liquidation of a company located in the province of Toledo, will be open from September 14 until November 16 at 12:30 pm and is carried out through the online auction platform Escrapalia.
Being a property in judicial process, once the winner is notified, the deadlines will be agreed with the insolvency administrator to sign the earnest money contract as a guarantee of compliance with the deadlines for the deed. If the contract is not signed, the sale and purchase will proceed directly.
The Valencian Community Region has recently deeded the purchase of four new homes, belonging to Banco Sabadell, through the right of first refusal. These include two homes that have been acquired for one euro each and another for 29 euros. The Conselleria de Vivienda is acquiring homes belonging to lots of sales between large holders, «where properties in perfect condition are transferred at paradoxically low prices. Read more

Online auctions usa

María Díaz, partner of Surus Inversa, the company that will organize the auction and sale of the pieces, explained that «there will be around 2,000 objects in more than 250 lots that anyone can bid for».
In past auctions, there are pieces that have sold for approximately 2,000 euros, although in a more exceptional way. As most of the pieces are jewelry or quality watches, many of the objects are sold in the first lot, although it is true that there are pieces that are offered again in the second.
To participate in the bidding, the user must register in www.escrapalia.com, the portal where the auction will take place, and must wait for the company, after verifying his personal data to avoid fraud, to accept his registration. Once inside the portal, the user chooses the event and selects the desired lots to bid on. In this sense, you can accept the bid proposed by the website or you can stipulate the maximum price you would be willing to pay.

Auctions segre

The auction will be held online between August 30 and September 15 by accessing the website www.escrapalia.com. Among the auctioned pieces you can find wedding rings, commemorative rings, bracelets, pendants, chains and watches of different brands.
The pieces have been grouped by type in about 160 lots, according to common characteristics that favor obtaining the best auction price. Among the auctioned pieces you can find wedding rings, commemorative rings, bracelets, pendants, chains and watches of different brands.
The auction will be held online through the website www.escrapalia.com. There, those interested can obtain information with images, description and state of conservation of the pieces of the lots.
The requirement to participate in the auction is to be of legal age. To ensure the veracity of the data provided by the participants, the auction company performs a verification of the same.
In the auction organized by the City Council of the capital, two different systems have been enabled to participate. The first consists of the bidder being able to enter in the application the maximum price he considers appropriate to pay for each lot or individual object and in the event that the bid exceeds the maximum price that had been initially established, the bidder is notified so that he has the opportunity to increase again the price he considers to be the maximum price to be paid.

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