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Videos para bebes de 9 meses en español

Videos para bebes de 9 meses en español

the gorilla dance

What kind of materials do you usually incorporate into your Kindergarten or Primary classroom? Audiovisual materials are always very interesting when it comes to attracting students’ attention. We propose you this selection of 25 YouTube channels for Infant and Primary School where you will discover a lot of videos and resources for the classroom.
On the Toy Cantando channel, families and teachers have at their disposal a wide repertoire of songs for babies and students in kindergarten and primary school. Also popular stories to awaken their interest in books. The videos are very eye-catching and their bright colors will attract their attention.
Óscar Alonso Martínez, a primary school teacher, is the creator of the website La Eduteca, a blog of educational resources that is also available on YouTube. It offers pedagogical and didactic videos as a complement to the teaching practice in both Infant and Primary Education and its duration does not exceed ten minutes. Language and Literature, Mathematics and Natural Sciences are some of the subjects covered, although you can also scroll through the playlists created.

songs for children la vaca lola

Your baby’s eyesight has been maturing for many months and is now able to see quite well near and far and even focus on fast-moving objects. Your baby’s motor skills are collaborating with vision (hand-eye coordination) and your baby may be able to see a toy from across the room, focus on it, move to it, pick it up and explore it in many different ways.
You will also know that your baby hears and understands you when he asks «Where’s Daddy?» and looks toward it; or when you say «Go get the ball» and your baby crawls toward it. Your baby should already respond to her own name and look up (and at least stop) when you say «No!».
Naming simple objects throughout the day reinforces the message that all things have their own name. Your baby is learning what commonly used objects are called and storing this information until such time as he can form words.
During this period, your baby will make more and more recognizable sounds, such as «ga,» «ba» and «da.» At around nine months, your baby will join those sounds together to form words like «dada» or «baba.» Soon your baby will make the link between specific sounds and objects.

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It is impossible not to be surprised by the creation of life and marvel at how the pregnant woman’s body changes to accommodate the baby that is growing inside her. Such is the admiration that we can feel before this incredible process, that there are several singers who have dedicated a song to the stage of pregnancy and the feelings aroused by the arrival of a baby.
We begin our selection with «Desde aquí del otro lado», a beautiful song composed by Manuel Carrasco when he knew he was going to be a father for the first time. It is dedicated to his son, although it is also a wonderful ode to his wife – it’s hard to listen to the lyrics without being moved to tears!
This song by the Canarian artist, Rosana, is one of the most beautiful musical compositions we can find about the exact moment of childbirth, narrated from the perspective of the baby being born.
This song is a review of the changes that are happening in the body of the pregnant woman and how life changes once we become mothers. «Her feet are swelling, the fourth month is heavy in her belly,» its beautiful lyrics begin.

the wheels of the bus

Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *It happens in many households. Especially in those where the baby is not the first child and where both parents work and barely make ends meet. The TV becomes an important babysitter. Logical if you consider that it is really effective since practically all babies find it fascinating to see that movement of colors and sounds with musical melodies made specifically for them. But is it any good? Not really, not good at all. Nothing happens if one day they see it, but its use is not recommended at all because it can cause delays, especially in language, that is to say, they take time to start saying their first words.Manuel Antonio Fernández, better known as The Neuropediatrician and a great expert on ADHD, autism and

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