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Desde chicas de moda que incluyen tallas hasta activistas sociales con estilo, diseñadores de todo tipo, desde lencería hasta zapatos, blogueros de moda de todo tipo: mira quiénes nos inspiran ahora en Instagram. Insta está más saturado que nunca, permítenos desglosarlo para ti. Además, sigue a más editores de Harper’s BAZAAR para conocer el mundo de la moda y la belleza.
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Under that inspiration, mother and daughter surprised from the renowned magazine in a synchrony of styles and colors that highlighted their stylized figures. Marta did it with a blue jumpsuit with front zipper from Mon & Pau, which she combined with a Hermes belt.
Paula has her own essence and so she highlights it in the images in which she wastes glamour and sophistication with her mother and for her young age, she poses with a very original style. Marta Sanchez has made this known by expressing her desire and pride in having her daughter make her debut in front of the media when she comes of age.

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Marta Carriedo is one of the pioneering ‘influencers’ who, in her day, managed to carve a niche for herself in the world of social networks. Although her beginnings were mainly on Youtube, today she is one of the most followed ‘instagramers’ in the country, with more than half a million followers.
On the occasion of the presentation of Volava, the first connected bicycle manufactured so that we can practice spinning without leaving home, Marta has told us her tips to lead a healthy life, her beauty tricks or her professional projects, among many other things.
Marta Carriedo: I really like boxing, let’s say it’s my favorite sport because it allows me to move all parts of the body, but another one I love, obviously, is cycling because it also activates your body. The ideal are bikes with weights, because that way you also work your arms.
MC: I don’t follow a specific diet, but there are rules that I have set for myself and that I have also discussed with my nutritionists. I try not to eat many carbohydrates at night (no pasta, no bread…) and eat vegetables or grilled steaks. And in the afternoon I eat fruits.

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The move has continued to evolve these days and even the couple came to give statements about what happened …. You know, this being an influencer in the end makes you face the craving for information from anyone who knows a minimum about your life. Ah! We forgot the best of #dulcecumple? The reappearance of Sergi Pedrero.
This is not the first time that Marta Carriedo is in the spotlight for recommending drugs. A few days ago she told all her followers how good is the antibiotic cream she uses to cure the hole of an infected pieircing. Is this paid content? That’s the question.
But don’t worry, the gaffes didn’t end here… The ‘it girl’ assured in a video that: “poor men who can’t wear makeup to cover their bad faces”. Excuse me? Here she really messed up and people have not shut up criticizing her (inappropriate) comment.

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