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Market place el corte ingles

El corte inglés outlet

As on Amazon, products on the El Corte Inglés marketplace that belong to an external seller are marked with the label “Sold by”. In shipments, packages are also identified by the acronym MKTP.
In addition, to reinforce the security of the marketplace they apply the escrow method. This means that the income from each purchase is not sent immediately to the seller, but El Corte Inglés deposits it in an account until the product reaches the customer and the customer is satisfied.
As a seller at El Corte Inglés you are free to set shipping costs and delivery times. Of course, they are required to be reasonable and to be made within normal periods, as well as to be complied with by you.
In all cases, the original packaging is required, so you will still have your stock in good order and condition. If El Corte Inglés notices deterioration in the product or package and it is not due to the seller or the courier company, it will not accept the return or refund of the purchase amount.

El corte inglés sale

The Marketplace offers the possibility of putting products for sale through its web page so that other people can buy them. El Corte Inglés is neither the seller nor the buyer, it only facilitates the operation and makes its website available to give visibility. It is mainly aimed at sellers who have a minimally large stock and who, for example, can deal with size changes.
El Corte Inglés points out that they are not responsible for the items offered or their guarantees, as well as for the offers made by the interested parties. However, in case of incidents and claims, they will act so that buyers and sellers reach a fair agreement.
The products sold by the Marketplace are distinguished because in the presentation of the item on the website it says “Sold by…” and in the package that the buyer will receive at home will appear the initials MKTP.
Each seller can set the shipping costs and delivery times they wish. Returns, on the other hand, are handled by El Corte Inglés. They can be made through the Customer Service Department of the shopping centers, telephone, email or the withdrawal form. To do this, you must keep all accessories, documentation, the original packaging and return it within 15 days.

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Marketplace spain

This ranking is maintained regardless of age, although it is important to note that in the case of ECI, the percentage decreases the younger the eshoppers are. And by city, Aliexpress and Ebay stand out in the metropolitan areas of Madrid and Barcelona, while Amazon, ECI and La Casa del Libro are more transversal marketplaces, reaching more diverse places.
As explained above, China, the US and the UK are the countries with the highest online spending; however, the Asian and American countries have much higher spending than the rest of the countries. In fact, the online spending of the Chinese is almost 7 times that of the British. This data makes sense since there are almost 600 million Chinese eshoppers, compared to 52 million in the Anglo-Saxon country. However, just over half of the Chinese access the Internet compared to 96% of the British1.

Marketplace pendientes

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage we find when selling on platforms such as El Corte Inglés or Amazon (among others), is the exposure. Registering on platforms with these characteristics to sell your products will guarantee that they will go further than the everyday options.
If you are looking for a way to grow your business, it is best that you consider the possibility of selling your products through a marketplace. Without a doubt, it is best to do so through reputable companies such as El Corte Inglés.
It is important to note that the negotiations must take place via the website. In other words, if a user decides to buy a product through the El Corte Inglés platform, you must continue with the said negotiation.